The Knowledge Test you are going to take serves the organizer of the training to know the level of understanding in:

  • Section 1: Communication in English (15 Marks);
  • Section 2: ICT (10 Marks);
  • Section 3: Understanding of TVET System (20 Marks)and
  • Section 4: Logical Reasoning (5 Marks).

The total mark is 50. Questions are in the form of multiple choice, matching type, true or false, fill-in gaps, and drag and drop type of questions.

Steps for accessing your Knowledge test:

  • Close all programs, including email
  • To begin the exam, enter the provided password

During the exam:

  • You must complete all questions within the time frame allocated for the test. You will not be allowed to re-enter the exam site after you have submitted.
  • If your online exam is interrupted, you can only contact you invigilator to help you to return to the exam. 

Violations of rules during the Test

  • Candidates who display unruly behaviour, non-compliance, disturb peace, or violate any of the rules will be removed from the Room(s).
  • A candidate caught cheating during the test will be asked to discontinue the test and leave the centre. (The circumstances and evidence will be documented clearly and a report made to the authorities in charge of the training/RP/RTTI)
  • A candidate who does not agree to the above instructions will not be able to proceed with the test and may be requested to leave the examination Room(s). 

                           Good Luck!!!

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