Purpose statement

This core module describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be acquired for the trainee’s. The trainee will be able to use  tenses and vocabulary in Oral communication on a range of topics, Participate in any conversation on various topics, Spicing up oral communication with idiomatic expressions ,Smooth  presentation of arguments in a style appropriate to the context, Effective delivery of impromptu speeches on a variety of topics, Identification and use of public speaking styles Use of modal verbs to express ideas and opinions, Use of hedging techniques in speech delivery to keep the listener hooked, Use of persuasive techniques in speaking, Write clear and concise executive summaries of reports and business proposals, Produce concept notes for events and projects, Production of user manuals for trade-related items.

 This is a RP Student Handbook about General Academic Regulations and General Student Regulations and Code of Conduct. Every student has to ready it because it contains every process  for every academic activity and what is allowed and not allowed in terms interactions ( behavior) with school administration and other students for better performance and cohesion.

The course is aimed at improving the level of students capability in speaking French purposely to make them capable to give good service at the field when they will be working in different jobs.