The relative merits of surface and underground mining are widely and frequently debated. 

  • Some deposits can be mined entirely with surface methods,  
  • Others can only be worked underground.
  • Finally, other deposits are best mined initially as open pits, with production shifting to an underground method as deeper portions of the ore body are extracted.

Underground mine development begins with the positive investment decision to mine and ends with inception of full-scale exploitation.  It incorporates all activities, personnel, and equipment required for creation of underground access to a mineral deposit.


Mine Occupational Health and Safety Principles

This module describes the skills and knowledge required in mineral processing. This module is intended to student’s perusing diploma in mining Technology TVET Level VI. The ore from the mines is normally mixed with gangue which must be processed to produce mineral concentrates of an economic value. This module will equip learners with adequate knowledge and skills to equip them with competences of value addition of the run-off ore mine through modern mineral processing technologies.

This module describes the skills and knowledge required to perform mine blasting operation. This module is intended to students pursuing diploma in Mining Technology TVET level VI.The learner will be able to prepare the blast holes, to perform explosives hole loading, to perform Firing a shot, to effective check of the blast, Prepare Mining operation technical reports. He/she will be also able to select and arrange different materials, equipment and tools used when performing mine blasting.

Occupational health: is a field of health care made up of multiple disciplines dedicated to the well-being and safety of employees in the workplace. It has a strong focus on accidents, injuries, deaths and other situations prevention and employee education.

The aim of this module is to promote health and safety at workplace, ensure the well- being of the employees at workplace and increase productivity.

Purpose statemenT

This module describes the skills and knowledge required to Install Mine Ventilation System.This module is intended to students persuing Diploma in Mining Technology TVETLEVEL VI.At the end of this module students will be abe to identify the mine Aerosols, Determine the negative impacts of mine aerosols to the human body, Control and monitoring of mine aerosols, Control of other ventilation hazards, install auxiliary ventilation systems and Prepare Mining operation technical reports. It is an obligation for each employee to participate in the management of their own health and safety and that of their colleagues and anyone else in the workplace. They have a duty to cooperate with their employer's initiatives to ensure safety at work.