Purpose statement

This module is designed to train learner with skills, knowledge and attitudes related to

apply tree vegetative propagation by cutting, apply tree vegetative propagation by

layering, and apply tree vegetative propagation by grafting and budding

Course image Agroforestry

This module describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes required for a forest technician to establish
and maintain Agroforestry practices that will help land users to address issues of land degradation,
soil erosion, limited wood-derived products and services and increased vulnerability to climate
change. Specifically for students at Diploma level in Forest Resources Management, this module is an
opportunity to them to gain hands-on practical skills on proper Agroforestry practice establishment,
maintenance that will help them in particular, and forestry and Agroforestry practitioners in general,
to valorize Agroforestry multi-functionality in restoring degraded land, increasing forest good and
services production, and adapting and mitigating climate change.