Solar system and there component are decribed here.

Objectives of thIS COURSE 

After completion of this course, learner will be able to:

Ø    Explains the appropriate site selection for bio-digester construction 

Ø    Hollow out as per the selected size and dimension of bio-digester

Ø    Check the dimensions of the pit 

Ø    Construct the round wall of the digester

Ø    Install the inlet pipe

Ø    Fill the digester with earth/mud and shaping for dome casting

Ø    Caste the dome

Ø    Remove the earth/mud from inside the digester

Ø    Make the inlet/slurry mixing tank 

Ø    Construct the slurry reservoir

Ø    Construct the turret 

Ø    Compact the dome with earth/mud

Ø    Plaster the inside of bio-digester

Ø    Paint the inside of dome with emulsion acrylic paint

Ø    Fit the main gas valve and gas exit pipe

Ø    Pipe fitting to connect gas to burner and lamp

Ø    Fit the pressure gauze and gas flow meter

Ø    Maintenance of bio-digester

Ø    Install Inlet and toilet pipe in correct height and position.

Ø    Provide correct positioning of manhole opening

Ø    Prepare Bill of Quantities for construction digester (BOQ)

Ø    And explain the possible problems that can occur if the points that are mentioned are not followed.

-          know about cooking practice in Rwanda;

-          identify factors affecting cooking;

-          compare traditional cooking stoves with improved cooking stoves.

  -          define biomass and types of biomass fuels;

-          explain  various biomass technologies;

-          describe fossil fuels used for cooking.

-          distinguish different types of biomass based cooking stoves;

-          describe merits and demerits of traditional cooking stove;

-          identify materials and tools used for cooking stove;

-          construct cooking stove.

-          illustrate the components of a cooking stove;

-          know skills required for construction of improved cooking stove;

-          identify ways of measuring efficiency;

-          explain environmental benefits of improved cooking stove;

To help the producers understand the clay preparation methods for stoves production.

understand how to put together the metal and  the ceramic liner in order to have an improved stove.

-          identify the benefits of improved cooking stove in society;

-          list the major parameters of burning biomass.

-          measure efficiency of cooking stove;

-          compare the efficiencies of stoves.

-          estimate the cost associated with production of cooking stove;

-          apply the skill of construction of cooking stove;

-          evaluate the construction according to checklist.

-          evaluate merits and demerits of cooking stove;

-          proceeds design principle and design process of a cooking stove.