Purpose statement

This module aims at equipping the learner with skills, knowledge and attitudes required to apply engineering ethics that facilitate effective learning at the workplace. After completion of this module, learner will be able to describe ethics concept, apply engineering ethics and Apply professional policy, laws and regulations as well.

Learning outcomes 

By the end of the module, the trainee will be able:

1.1. Explain  properly ethic concept in accordance with existing literature

1.2. Describe correctly workplace ethical issues based on working rules

1.3. Explain correctly ethical behavior according to codes of ethics

2.1. Explain correctly engineering ethics according to Association of engineer’s code of conduct

 2.2. Describe properly Conflict Resolution Skills Based on their responsibilities

2.3. Illustrate adequately application of the management of the work according to contract law.

3.1. Describe correctly professional legal documents based on their categories

3.2. Interpret appropriately professional policy and regulations according national public laws

 3.3. Apply correctly professional risk analysis according to standards for risk assessment.



Assistant Lecturer

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The goal of the course is to provide an introduction to the concepts and methodology of Object-Oriented Programming and further develop skills such as program design and testing as well as the implementation of programs using a basic development environment. All programming will be done in Java.