Course image Community Engagement in Environmental Conservation Activities
Nature Conservation

Module Description

The natural resources are becoming increasingly vulnerable by over-utilization. Environmental problems today are demonstrating, among other things, the importance of involving communities and relevant stakeholders in natural resource management. This module will equip the students pursuing TVET diploma in nature conservation with the skills, knowledge and attitude required to perform environmental education, community conservation, natural resources and conflict management so as to manage environmental resources effectively.

Nature Conservation

This field of study is concerned with social law, social requirements in natural resources management and protocol to be used in land use interventions. Actions to conserve nature and natural resources are closely related to the rights of people to secure their livelihoods, enjoy healthy and productive environments and live with dignity.

The module provides students with the knowledge and tools necessary for integrating human rights in biodiversity conservation and natural resources management. The module explores the navigation of the different sources of law, Application of rights law to conservation and development, and Responsibilities of the state and non-state (Private sector, NGOs).

Course image Waste Management and Technologies
Nature Conservation

Purpose statement

With increase in population and increased industrial activities, lots of waste is generated. The manner this waste is disposed in the environment determines how it impacts ecosystems as well as the health of human populations. This module is intended to students pursuing TVET diploma in nature conservation. It describes the skills and knowledge required to apply properly technologies in managing solid wastes, wastewater and hazardous wastes for sustainable development.