Irrigation and Water Engineering

•This module is set out to provide the learner to understand the General principles of quantity
•Surveying related to CESMM (Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement); Coding and numbering of items; Bill of quantities ; Working classification; measure works: Complex and special foundations, small bridges, walls of brickwork, stone masonry, gates, frames-structural steel, reinforced concrete structures, Measure drainage, measure water supply, etc,
•Prepare different bill formats (elemental bill, operational bill, activity bill, etc)
•Prepare schedules , for finishing, reinforcement, hydraulic structures (canals,dams,weirs,reservoirs,tanks,flumes,etc).

Course image Perform Agricultural drainage Layout
Irrigation and Water Engineering

This course is willing to provide full knowledge and skills on:

1.   Identification of problems areas

2.   Drainage study and investigation

3.  Field methods for measuring hydraulic conductivity

4. Drainage system

5. Investigation in drained land

6. Water table control structures