this course will equip student with guiding skills

Wildlife behaviours are key attractions to many nature based visitors and tourists. These

behaviours are not noticeable to the common visitor unless they are interpreted and

communicated by guides or tourism officers. Among the many roles of tourism officers and

tour operators is the interpretation of wildlife to visitors. In order to carry out their tasks

effectively, these professionals must be equipped with the skills and knowledge of

identification, description, analysis, and communication of wildlife behaviour to visitors.

In nature based tourism, it is difficult for ordinary people to fully understand most of attractions and products offered without intervention of trained personnel. 

This course will equip you with the right skills, knowledge and attitudes required to professionally describe biological, cultural and historical resources and understand principles of interpretation, developing interpretive program, and to have a guiding skills that serve to create a lifetime travel experience for tourists.

This course of wildlife ecology, will enable trainees to understand the relationship between nature and tourism. It will help trainees to understand differents aspects of how wildlife communities are structured, the way they interact, terrestrial and acquatic ressources, ecosystem productivity,Biogeochemical cycles as well as ecosystem health. Finally they will learn the relationship of all stated above and tourism impacts on them.