Course image IoT devices in environment monitoring
Nature Conservation

This module describes the skills and knowledge required to connect IoT devices for environmental monitoring, operate IoT devices for environmental monitoring, monitor IoT devices in environment and interpret IoT information. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term commonly used for an emerging technology revolution that scientists believe is driving a new era of global economic growth driven by efficiency and effectiveness benefits. The IoT is enabled by low-cost powerful sensors and other devices connected to the Internet which can be powered remotely for long periods. These sensors and devices can be left in the field operating autonomously, potentially for years, automatically providing information and alerts on key management indicators which can be analyzed and acted upon in realtime through manual or automated processes. A range of sectors such as smart cities, health, energy and environment are already attracting significant IoT investment and achieving rapid benefits. To date, IoT investments in conservation have at best been ad-hoc and piecemeal.

Course image Wilderness research and management techniques
Nature Conservation

This course comprises 4 different units: 

1. Geographic Information System and Remote sensing
2. Introduction to research methodology
3. Statistics for field conservationist
4. Wildlife Survey and Ranger Based Monitoring