This general module describes the knowledge, skills, and attitude required to apply concepts of physics. At the end of this module, the trainee will be able to describe source of energy, motion in orbits, communication system, climate change and greenhouse effect. He/she will also be able to apply Newton’s laws and Kepler’s Laws; apply refractive index and total internal reflection in optical fibers. This module will facilitate the trainee to perform well his/her tasks. It will be useful to trainee to be prepared to perform well in higher education or analyze data and solve problems in the sciences and engineering, as well as in economics and public policy.

This General module gives essential knowledge in Mathematical Analysis and Statistics required to learners in order to perform very well in their engineering career.

This module describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes to be acquired for the trainees. The trainee will be able to prepare and deliver speeches at different social and professional occasions, adapt speech messages to a particular audience, ask questions to clarify, extend and follow up ideas, produce medium compositions on different trade-related subjects, identify and differentiate business documents, effective writing of different business documents, identify and use of writing styles, read different trade related texts, apply reading techniques to selected trade-related texts, explain key terms/words in their context, answer reading comprehension questions precisely, analyze different trade-related texts, summarize trade-related texts (in own words), identify differences between common English accents, listen and respond to users of common English and their accents, reporting information listened to from different common accents, steps of speech preparation and delivery, important tips on speech delivery, requirements to properly articulate information, analyze trade-related texts, and summarize texts.

This module describes the skills, knowledge and attitude required to be able to successfully work in a socially diverse environment. The module will allow the participant to develop ways of communicating with customers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and accommodating cultural differences. Furthermore, this module will enable the trainee to be able to identify issues that may cause conflict or misunderstanding in the workplace because of the cultural differences, find ways of resolving them and/or referring them to appropriate individuals or bodies.

Iyi mbumbanyigisho irasobanura ubumenyi n’ubushobozi bukenewe kugira ngo uwiga ashobore:

 Kumva, kuvuga, gusoma no kwandika Ikinyarwanda k’intyoza mu bikorwa bijyanye n’umwuga we.

 Gukoresha ubuvanganzo nyandiko mu gushyikirana n’abandi abagezaho ibitekerezo bye kandi

agaragaza uko yakira ibyabo.

 Kugaragaza imyumvire n’imyifatire ikwiye agenda avoma mu myandiko, inkurushusho n’ikinamico


 Kugereranya ingeri zinyuranye z’ubuvanganzo nyarwanda.

 Guhanga no kumurika mu rurimi rw'Ikinyarwanda afatiye ku ngeri zinyuranye z’imyandiko.

 Gukoresha neza ibinyazina bitandukanye.

 Kwandika neza amazina bwite anyuranye.

Moduli hii inaeleza ujuzi na uwezo vinavyostahiliwa ili mwanafunzi aweze:

 Kujadili mawasiliano mbalimbali ya kiofisi kupitia njia ya kuzungumza na kuandika katika shughuli za


 Kutunga kimaandishi na kimazungumzo hati tofauti kwa kuzingatia kanuni na mitindo ya lugha ya

Kiswahili ifaavyo.

 Kuchambua kimazungumzo na kimaandishi hati za mawasiliano mbalimbali za kiofisi.

 Kuwasilisha hati mbalimbali mahali zinapotakiwa

Ce module décrit les techniques d’expression orale et écrite. A la fin de ce

module, l’apprenant sera capable d’écrire en respectant l’orthographe courante,

employer le vocabulaire technique dans les différents écrits, présider les débats

et les discussions, conduire des réunions, rédiger et présenter un exposé.

This module covers the skills, knowledge and attitude to organize a business which is linked to

organizational strategic outcomes and facilitates the achievement of service delivery. The module

will allow the learner. Identify activities to be accomplished before real business operations, create

a productive working environment, run real business operations and monitor and evaluate the