This module describes the skills, knowledge and attitudes required to manage a team. Upon completion of this module, the trainee will be able to apply professional communication skills including describing clearly the basics of communication, delivering effectively a speech, performing properly interview and writing properly business letters, reports and memos. Furthermore, the trainee will be able to apply team leading skills including managing effectively employees, resolving appropriately workplace problems and giving effectively instructions and feedback. Finally, the trainee will be able to manage meeting by acquiring the skills in preparing, conducting, debriefing and following up a meeting.

This module describes the skills and knowledge required to design, configure and administer small networksThe learner will be able to conduct a site survey to identify network components, design network, implement physical topology, provide access to the media, apply ip addressing, subnet network, enable connection via wireless technology, implement the internet protocol to network, implement the application protocol to interact with end-user.

He/she will be able to select and arrange different material equipment and tools when connecting small networks













This core module describes the skills, knowledge, and attitude required to develop and design a database. The learner will be able to determine database requirements, develop a logical data model, Design the data structures, perform database structure, Apply DML, and test and finalize the database. He/she will be also able to select and arrange different materials, equipment and tools used when developing a database.